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[Report] Morrow and Beaulieu Not Qualified

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Just now, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:

I would take a stab at Joe Morrow.  Not flashy, but he is simple and plays a safe style to be a good bottom pairing/spare Dman position.


I don't like Beaulieu all that much anymore.  he seems to he challenges with making good decisions with and without the puck. 

Morrow struggled to play defence in Montreal.  He has a booming shot though and can provide some offence.

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1 hour ago, Provost said:

These are two solid 3rd pair D.... they both skate really well.  They could be cheaper targets for us and drop the price of similar guys.



I think their team doesn't like the arbitration value so they'll re-negotiate another contract with them.

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1 hour ago, Provost said:

... because they are available and he will still sign Nemeth to a $4 million dollar 4 years contract :)

My bad, Nemeth is not younger but I doubt JB would sign him @ 4 mil. He appeared in more games then those 2 guys

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I think the point is to actually upgrade the blueline -  this is aiming awfully low too early imo.


Another of the Jets, Chiarot is better - and plays a heavier game - than either of them.


Not sure why they'd bother with a Morrow or Beaulieu (there was a time when I'd have liked to have Beaulieu) at this point - what they need is an actual roster defenseman, not a 4/5 LHD - they have their own guys, including Juolevi, beyond the 3 spot.

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