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^ I learned one huge lesson more so than any other in trying to pull the EKL off the fire: the work load is incredibly intense to be in an active role on a league EXEC. For that reason I have tried to stop complaining about things I don't like in various leagues and simply work around those rough patches internally. I didn't make any FA offers this year cuz I don't find it serves my team well. I would rather trade for known quantities of term and cap hit. shrug. Can't carry that on forever but leaning away from teh parts that irritate me the most helps me enjoy the game more. 

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13 hours ago, greensman said:






On 10/23/2020 at 3:25 AM, canuck2xtreme said:

SIGNING: The Boston Bruins have signed free agent center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to a six year contract.


small.png Ryan Nugent-Hopkins - 6 year, $54 million dollar contract ($9 million per season) NMC thru 2024-25, Modified NMC for 2025-26 (list of 10 teams he'd accept trade to)

Some measure of redemptioon...

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20 hours ago, Mike Vanderhoek said:

SIGNING: The Edmonton Oilers have signed defenseman Erik Johnson to a three year deal.



edm.png Erik Johnson: 3 years, $ 19.5 million dollar contract ( $ 6,500,000.00 per season ).


When we traded for Ryan McDonagh we thought we had really moved forward on D?  


Then Matt Niskanen retired!  Not going to lie.  Really relieved we could attract a quality D man...


A bit expensive.  But UFA's always are. And hell, we still need to spend $3 mill more 6till to hit the cap floor. :ph34r:  Bring on more UFA's!  :gocan:


Welcome Erik & thanks to agent @Mike Vanderhoek


On 10/23/2020 at 3:07 AM, canuck2xtreme said:

SIGNING: The Edmonton Oilers have signed free agent forward Mitchell Chaffee to a three year deal.


small.png Mitchell Chaffee - 3 year, $4.2 million dollar contract. ($1.4 million per season)

Also great to have a bulldog power forward competing for a vacant right wing position.


Thanks agent @canuck2xtreme

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