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48 minutes ago, Monty said:

Surprisingly, this trade came together very, very quickly between @gmen81 and myself. All in all, I think this is fair for both sides.


Larkin is miles better than Kadri, but Kadri plays on the Avs, which is where the benefit comes playoff time.


Karlsson is better than Chabot, due to the Shark factor and not the Ottawa factor. The salary cap hit is also a massive risk for me. But this is about immediate impact for the playoffs. And both Chabot and Larkin would not have helped come the playoffs, whereas Karlsson and Kadri will.


It became apparent once the base was agreed upon that there would need to be a little more happening, which was where Vesalainen and Wahlstrom came in. Vesalainen is going to help now, which is where I’m losing out in the short term. However, with Hellebuyck and Connor as Winnipeg rep, with Dylan Samberg in the waiting, I’m well suited for Winnipeg players. I think Wahlstrom had a down year and will likely turn it around quickly in Bridgeport next year.

Basically what he said. I clear some cap space and get younger in the process.  Karlsson of course has injury concerns, but could also be the top scoring D. Chabot hopefully continues to grow and get better.  I like when trades like this happen. A fair offer right from the start, no going back and forth and then never coming to

an agreement.  

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SIGNING: The San Jose Sharks have signed forward Paul Stastny to a three year deal.



san.png Paul Stastny: 3 years, $ 24.0 million dollar contract ( $ 8,000,000.00 per season ).


* Deal includes a full no-movement-clause in the 2019/20 season.

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48 minutes ago, Mike Vanderhoek said:



nyr.png Brett Pollock: 1 year, $ 880 thousand dollar contract ( $ 880,000.00 per season ).

Thank you Brett for coming in and we will see you in Camp, young man. Thank you Mike for a marathon sesh of signings! woot!

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47 minutes ago, Monty said:

What does one do when they get a vasectomy? Why, buy sh*t you don’t need.



As soon as I could bare the discomfort I just wanted to make sure everything else was otherwise still working down there :lol:

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