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[Rumour] M. Duchene to sign with Nashville

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4 minutes ago, Squamfan said:

the no state tax helps another sunbelt american franchise

I'm not sure this helps Nashville.  Colorado played a lot better after they traded Duchene, mostly due to the distraction being gone.  Then you have the Uber incident, and it seems issues follow this guy around.  Probably would have done better moving Subban for some immediate help.

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1 minute ago, brian42 said:

8M isn’t too high, I’d rather have Duchene at 8 than Myers at 7.


but based on positions Myers is more of a team need.



Myers May come in below 7. 

And Duchene is a selfish me first player, who has no clue how to play without the puck.  

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Was reading interesting HFOttawa(page) fantasies.(past coupla' wks)


CBJ sign Duch-man. Next yr's 1st then goes to Ottawa.


Nash send Turris(sorta dump) & good prospect, and/or pick to compensate BJ's. They get the Duch-man, & PAY for a proper cab ride to airport.


Nash get ahead of FA-bidders w/this, & a way to jettison Turris's mug.


The equation of 'everyone benefits' likely doesn't apply, if a 2nd-tier Cdn franchise lands something tangible, eh?

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Say what you want about Duchene but Nashville desperately needed a 1c. This should immediately improve their offense and top six. Considering he's a ufa 8m ain't the end of the world, not when you consider what Philly paid Hayes. 

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