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What signing Myers and Benn mean for Jim Benning and the Canucks this season.

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Phat Fingers

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10 hours ago, Pickly said:

I wonder if the Canucks could get Ferlund for say 3 years @ 4 million. I know he’s not a bonafide top 6 and the Canucks have a ton of tweeners up front but he adds an element that they sorely lack. 

Possible but we wouod have to move salary out.  


If Sutter could be moved for a conditional 7th rounder in 2020, I would gladly shed his spot and add a Ferlund type player for a shorter term.  


No joke.  If JB can shed one of Eriksson or Sutter.  Win, sign Ferlund and Maroon.  &^@# it, throw a party while he is at it with life sized pinatas of all the media pundits and sell tickets.  




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5 hours ago, Jester13 said:

It will be interesting to see how much size he puts on over the summer. He said he'd be trying to get stronger, so hopefully he can stay healthy all year. 

What a pleasure it has been to watch him play. 

Watching him compete with a heavier frame will be even better. 


I think the perfect winger for him and Boeser is Brady Tkachuk. 

I’d give them whatever they wanted for that kid, but I guess unless it’s, Horvat, it’s not happening. 

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