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[Signing] Blues sign Derrick Pouliot

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9 hours ago, CanuckGAME said:

Pouliot is top 3 worst defenceman I've ever seen play for the Canucks in my 20 years of being a fan.


Call me petty but I'm just celebrating over here.

You're spoiled then. 


He wasn't that bad either, his set up for the goal vs Buffalo this year was beautiful too. 


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11 hours ago, King Heffy said:

Second year in a row the defending champs signed our AHL trash.  First Washington wastes a spot on Megna, now St Louis takes on our pylon.

Pylon is more of where Poo’s ceiling was when he was at his peak.  He’s regressed quite a bit.

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4 hours ago, Provost said:

It matters because they don’t want to pay him an NHL salary in the minors.

Yet he has to clear waivers before being able to be sent down.  So really he only collects his two-way salary if no other team wants him for the NHL.  So people saying he’s too crappy for the Canucks but not crappy enough for the Stanley Cup Champs is crazy;  he’s an NHL player until no team wants him.

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9 minutes ago, oldnews said:

One positive part of Derrick moving on - we'll no longer have to listen to idiots calling him 'Pooalot' here, particularly in the fn sandboxes that are the GDTs.

Well, perhaps only 3 times a season B)


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