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[Mafia] - End Game (TP WIN!) - SIGN UP FOR NEXT GAME HERE!

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5 minutes ago, luckylager said:

Well obviously I don't agree. Seems like some scummy logic to me.


Vote Deenis



Poppin Cherries is never scummy, yo vote for me dough.... so scummy. Da Deenis is above all suspicion

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1 hour ago, falcon45ca said:

Why didn't you call qwags out last night about lurking?

We were on at the same time. I seen that he was on. I thought nothing of it at the time, I read over page 3 again. and Left came back today and noticed that he hadn't posted.  


I did call him out for his post though. It's very  suspect to me that his post while only one post is very loud.  

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1 hour ago, falcon45ca said:

I never realized my avatar threw you for such a loop, nor that my diction can be classified as "odd"


But I like it 

Tbh I just don't really pay that much attention. And also I go on a little bit of a SIRENS system and you never really set of my monitor

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44 minutes ago, 112 said:

Something seems sincerely off about lucky to me.

The difference is he's mad, like he has been caught.


I don't believe this is angle shooting at all BTW this is going by what LL posted - I didn't make him post this stuff.


14 hours ago, luckylager said:

Your "investigated him" claim is what read like bs, 112. 

The game started like an hour ago.




13 hours ago, luckylager said:

I was on CDC, thread said "game on"


5 hours ago, T-rex930 said:

Hey guys! Please make sure you read post #1!


The game has started and the first round ends Wednesday morning!



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Just now, luckylager said:

And you're steady as ever.


Impossible to read.


I miss BW already. That dude gets the ball rolling



The ball is rolling, you're on it and it's headed straight for the gallows my drunk hoser friend. 

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  • T-rex930 changed the title to [Mafia] - End Game (TP WIN!) - SIGN UP FOR NEXT GAME HERE!

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