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[Rumour] Milan Lucic + Kris Russell for James Neal + Michael Frolik [CGY-EDM]

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This would make no sense for Calgary. Sure, Lucic would help come playoff time, but that price tag, along with Russell’s coming back, put them back to exactly where they are now, which is a team trying to find the cap space to extend both Tkachuk and Bennett.

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what is that?

I aint clicking on that link.


Looks like something straight out of a blogger's proposal/imagination.


Is that supposed to be a rumour with a source?


I'm gonna take a wild guess - that it's some Coiler homer's pipe dream = you aint getting out that easy imo.

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The one thing that is alarming in Edmonton is how could Puljujarvi not crack this line up last season? I'm not sold on him as others are. He may just be in a bad situation, but when you let an opportunity slip by to play with one of the best players in the world...I dunno. Blame on both sides player and team development i'm sure. But wow, another top tier prospect flames out with the oilers. I hope he does well wherever he goes but you have to wonder if the Oilers have Yakupoved him...:sadno:

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3 hours ago, Hutton Wink said:

Not sure why Calgary would want Russell back when they're trying to get rid of Brodie at about the same cap hit.  Oilers could certainly use Frolik, but then they're losing yet another dman.

the more I look at this deal the more I really want it to happen 

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