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[Signing] Eric Fehr signs with Genève-Servette (Switzerland)

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Just now, cuporbust said:

I remeber when 1040 listeners voted him as the best add for us in 2015. We went with Vanek instead. 

I feel like we should've kept Jokinen. He played well for us, but was not within our age group.

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9 minutes ago, Dazzle said:

I feel like we should've kept Jokinen. He played well for us, but was not within our age group.

Actually, that was the year we traded for sutter . They went sutter instead. Got my years, positions and players mixed up. Lol. 


Pretty sure Vermette was listeners second choice . 

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For Fehr’s sake, hopefully Genève-Servette is on solid financial footing now.


The club has apparently been bought and sold a couple times for 1 Swiss Franc over the past decade or so, and has been close to bankruptcy in recent years. The former owner, Hugh Quennec, who also owned FC Genève-Servette, mismanaged both clubs  (to the point of bankruptcy, in the case of FC,  and near bankruptcy for HC). He brought in Mike Gillis a couple years back, and apparently MG was going to offer some stability by taking an ownership stake, but eventually he walked away because Quennec wouldn’t give up majority ownership, and MG felt he needed full control of the struggling club. MG left the team, and apparently Quennec is now also out as owner. Not sure if the new ownership has deep pockets, but Genève-Servette has been skating pretty close to bankruptcy for a while, so hopefully they’re now on stable financial footing. I believe bankruptcy means demotion to a lower tier, and who knows what consequences for the active roster players (like Fehr), so hopefully the can stay afloat. I think both HC and FC are now owned by the “1890 Foundation,” a group set-up by a local winemaker. And both clubs were apparently sold, once again for a symbolic fee of 1 Swiss Franc each.


So, if you’ve ever dreamed of owning a Swiss pro hockey (or soccer) team, they are actually surprisingly affordable. :lol:



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