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CDC counting game, one number at a time

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It's time for a new game, this time instead of one word at a time, we will be counting one number at a time. In your posts, feel free to include some jokes, recent news, fun facts, or stories along with your number. The starting goal will be 500. Let's see how far we can get! 1 - Roberto Luongo, one of the greatest goalies in Canucks history.



- Only one number per post is allowed.

- Skipping numbers is not allowed. If someone skips a number or goes off topic, then continue the counting from the last correct number someone posted.

- Try to keep your posts clean so this thread doesn't get shut down like the "one word at a time" thread did.


Milestones credits: (New system!)

1 - @Roberts

25 - @Cpt.Clutch

50 - @NUCKER67

75 - @Shift-4

100 - @Stamkos

125 - @Baer.

150 - @Shift-4 (2)

175 - @Cpt.Clutch (2)

200 - @Cpt.Clutch (3)

225 -

250 -

300 -

350 -

400 -

450 -

500 -

Edited by Roberts
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