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Master Mind

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Round 1 has so far taken 10 days, and we have another dozen rounds to go. This needs to be sped up. Deadlines per pick have been added to the spreadsheet up till round 3. Times are in EST.


If you know you'll be away that day, send a list. Otherwise I'll draft a player for you based on positional need.





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11 hours ago, Scottish⑦Canuck said:

We got through it pretty quick last summer. It's just a case of logging in once or twice a day to check your notifications. 

That's the problem, people haven't been. Makes sense with it being summer, so hopefully this will help get people on for the day it's their turn at least.


11 hours ago, Azzy said:

Just FYI I'm away until Saturday and won't be able to get on to FT to check who's still available until then. Great to have a timer but I'm in the middle of a holiday here :P

Sounds like you'll be back just in time. I'll just assign you Hurricane sensation Scott Darling if needed.


9 hours ago, Art Vandelay said:

How did someone know I was going to pick Seven Costanza in the 7th round! 

Because I plan on taking Soda in the 6th round!

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17 hours ago, Master Mind said:

Because I plan on taking Soda in the 6th round!

“How don’t you care for soda?!? It’s bubbly, it’s refreshing!” :lol:.  


That show is very underrated for its random names. My favourite is definitely “Isosceles Kramer”

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