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437th floor of the Tower of Babel. Put it out out on one of the balconies of an un-rented luxury suite. Check with front desk first. 


If I lick a Cane Toad and then someone kicks me, will my astral body now be a different colour? 



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Something from / made out of Bonjovium.


Ref: Year Zero .by Rob Reid 


"It's a superheavy element that your scientists haven't encountered yet," Özzӱ squawked. "You'd probably call it something stupid like unseptiquadrium. But we call it metallicam. Because it's the heaviest metal that can possibly exist in this universe."

 . . . "As in . . . the band?"

"I was disappointed too," Özzӱ said, making a shrugging gesture. "I was hoping for ironmaidium. But back when we renamed it, the votes were with Lars and the boys."

 . . . "What about bonjovium?" I asked. I've always had a weakness for "You Give Love a Bad Name."

"Of course, it exists. But bonjovium is certainly not a heavy metal by our standards," Özzӱ sniffed. "It has an atomic number of just fifty. You call it 'tin'." (pp. 56-7)



Why do birds suddenly appear?

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Just now, Cpt.Clutch said:

No, he left to join the dark side. 


Which way is up in space?

Left ways on the right vertical of the 90 degree intersect of the flipped down right side, as it converts into the 475th axis of terminality. Duh...



Why are there fake Christmas trees, but not a fake Christmas?

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