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The Piece of Meat That Crawled Off a Dish


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Who cares?


You know how much wriggling, writhing food I've seen consumed on a fantastic number of sci-fi programs?


You know how many live bugs get eaten on the daily in the average school playground?


Who's to say the patron didn't order their food live and crawling?


Can we get back to the real issue...like what restaurant it was served?

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Ever put hot sauce on an open oyster at a restaurant?  That sucker will do a dance inside it's shell.  When I was a teenager, I saw another person at my table do that right after I slurped one down (with no added sauce).  At the time I had no idea that they were still alive when you eat them.  That's still the only oyster that I've ever eaten.  I prefer my food already dead when it's served to me.  Can't eat dead oysters though because of the bacteria they carry.

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