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Mafia: Strychnine [Game Over: Town Wins!]

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2 hours ago, Aladeen said:

@ilduce39 - The Duke's Presence is humbly requested

@HashtagNucks - Burrdaman?

@g_bassi13 - You know I'm still all about da bassi belieb dat.

@otherwise - where you at, you sexy thing you?

@Dr.Strangelove - we miss you 

@Peaches - I miss yo sweet juices

@Go Faulk Yourself - y u no love me no more?

@shiznak - shiznik come back to us

@JohnLocke - you will play again we all know you will why not today?

@King Heffy - Y U heff to have no time fo us anymore, you only love your fantasy hockey peeps and yo canucks related topics peeps. We are cool too you know. Also we will rep yo posts... sweet sweet reps.

@Qwags - yes I will scrape the bottom of the barrel I have no shame.  

@Snake Doctor - U said you'd play, playa so play


Miss you guys but you'd be getting between @GreenDemon and @smith80 level effort out of me.  Sorry.

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