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Mafia: Strychnine [Game Over: Town Wins!]

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8 minutes ago, luckylager said:

Holy crap. I'm $&!#ting my pants here.


@Aladeen, what am I supposed to do as the "hitman" anyways? 

You connect me with the sheriff and the mob boss, both can take out contracts but only in opposing rounds... Is that right?


Your pm is kinda confusing

Oh oh man you’re doing just fine keep sharting in your pants, when you have finally emptied your bowels completely everything will make sense.

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Update: Sign ups will close 5pm PST tomorrow and roles will be randomized and handed out shortly after.


****please do not start posting game related material until after one of the hosts has posted that the game has actually begun.****

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1 minute ago, hoggers said:

dont play on mu

Welp I tried :lol:


I'm just gonna keep guessing until I get it.


I don't think ever in the history of this community has an experienced player just appeared out of the ether like you did.

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6 hours ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

Yo, I officially passed my final course for my graduate program. Submitted my 98 page paper/career portfolio, and will officially have my Masters in a couple days.


I can't promise activity for tomorrow, but I if I do show up, I promise it will be non-sober posts.




Also, non sober posts are the best posts!!

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