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Mafia: Strychnine [Game Over: Town Wins!]

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19 minutes ago, Master Radishes said:

Ugh. I haven't been anonymous in years. I like tempting people to catch me. :PI'm not going to rand wolf anyway. I feel it in my bones - I'm going to be TP this game.


But I'll do what you say anyway.

Are you aware that when you now sign in anonymously it erases your "last visited" time? So it's very easy to catch anyone switching in and out during the game.

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The Train has just finished being loaded. The Gold shipment is secured.




The Conductor yells out “All Aboard! Final Boarding Call for the East Coast Express!” After a few minutes he blows his whistle and the Engineer slowly engages the leavers and the train starts to move forward.


Steam starts to billow from the stack as the whistle lets out three piercing blasts as the train departs the station.


After a short while it is moving at full speed to reach its destination across the continent. 



There is a palpable tension on the train. Everyone is looking suspiciously at everyone else. . .


The Game is on!!!!

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Everyone should have received a PM from either me or Aladeen indicating your role within this game. 


If you did not please PM me or Aladeen ASAP. 


Your PM should look something like this example of a Vanilla Townie:




You are a Banker. You are aligned with the town. You win when all threats to the Bank’s Gold have been eliminated.


Your Character is:











You are an Employee of the Bank. The brass have sent multiple representatives to oversee the important task of transporting the bank’s gold reserve across the country. Your names are not important to the bank at this time. Do your job and you will be rewarded.



Role Mechanics:



Each day you must vote to lynch a player who you think is trying to take the gold.





Important Game Mechanics:


  • Reminder: No PMing unless initiated by one of the hosts.
  • If the lynch vote is tied then one of the tied players will be selected at random for the lynch. Tied Lynches will not Carry over to the next round.
  • There is a Medical Kit in this game. It may start with anyone in the game or any faction, it was randomized and should not be used to clear someone.
  • All Night Abilities are due at 9:30PM PST unless otherwise indicated - if you miss this deadline your action may not go through until next nightfall.
  • Nightfall will be 10PM PST or as close to that as possible.
  • All investigative actions this game are Night Actions



Hosts Words of Warning:


Be very careful what role claims you trust as there are countermeasures that scum have to town power role claiming. Someone claiming a role and “proving it” means very little in this game so consider yourselves warned.


Lastly, do not attempt to angleshoot in any way. If you are unsure if something is angleshooting, please PM one of the hosts.


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These bullets are killing me
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