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Can we just call off the negotiations with Boeser already?

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And in the words of Teddy KGB -



Give him 6+ years at whatever salary he's asking for and stop squabbling over a million or so dollars. Brock will regain his true form this season and we will all be wondering why we thought we could have him for <6m on a bridge deal. Fook a bridge deal. Sign the flow now!! Lock up the core!

Anyone agree? I think it still leaves "plenty of pie" for Elias and Quinn to have their slices too! We have tons of salary coming off the books in 2 years, so just give the Brocket his payday and let's all ride into the sunset together to win that ol' Stanley after 50 long years of waiting.


Can't spell WIN without Brock Boeser!



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Boeser is dealing with a family issue now. I feel for him but at the same time the silver lining is that his dad got to see his son emerge into a star in this league. Best wishes to the Boeser family in this difficult time.


Regarding your point on the contract. The contract will get done, no doubt about it, but it’s gotta be reasonable for the team too.

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