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Broad General Strokes Lineup Talk: Discussion limit of broad strokes on lineup no nitty gritty detail rants please, but do rant on topic

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1 hour ago, mikeyman109 said:


Petterson and Hughes will stay right where they are unless they need to "paper" them down to save cap space. it doesnt mean they leave the team just that for moneys sake they will have to play and play well with the big club for the team to make the playoffs.

It was left unsaid that they wouldn't actually go anywhere ..... I assumed most everyone was familiar with the term "paper down"

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From a grading standpoint, I'll give Benning an for the act/execution of addressing our needs, improving the team, and making the team better with great price tags. 


I really love how what needed to happen actually happened. That doesn't make us A caliber or instant contenders but certainly takes advantage of the talent we have in Petey, Horvat, Boeser, and Hughes and gives them something serious to build on to win.


We are improved, harder to play against, have more grit, size, physicality and pushback, better offensive and defensive production potential, and more versatility.


After the Miller signing, I thought we'd possibly get Myers and that's it. But to get Benn, Fantenberg, and then Ferland really changes the culture of this team.


Although we still have issues and concerns on D, this year will shake out and make obvious exactly what we need but from a much improved place. I do think the new signings should allow our D stabilze their roles with less scrambling than what we've seen.


But I don't like our potential for injury on D and the possibility of our depth taking hit and having to rely on the inexperience of possibly Juolevi, Brisbois, Sautner, Rafferty, Teves, etc. That would be invaluable to their development and experience long term but could sink our chances of playoffs dreams short term this season. We're better positioned with our forwards to weather injuries than D.


But I believe this coming season marks the beginning of our ascent to the new era. I believe we'll get into the playoffs and surprise a lot of critics. We were better than anyone thought we'd be last season and I think we'll follow the same trajectory next season. Especially with the holes in our lineup adeptly addressed in such a short amount of time. 

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5 hours ago, coastal.view said:

nice thread




no not really at all

this was at least the 3rd consecutive season for somewhat profound injury stats

i post annually on this issue

which appears to have become chronic since the team moved on from the previous training staff

Absolutely.  I do think Myers and Benn will take a loaf off Edler and Tanev on the special teams and this will help them play more games.  Sutter not so sure of, those are the three guys that skew our man games lost stat the most.   And even if they are at least we aren’t icing an AHL team anymore.   For the first time in a while I’m expecting a different result.

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We will -absolutely- be better next year.  Not even sure how there is a question presented for this.


- WAY bigger and grittier.

- Better top 6 winger selection to mix and match with.

- Better D.

- Far better depth.

- The chance at being reasonably healthy.

- Better (see: More experienced) goaltending.

- Did I mention the size differerence?


I'm stoked for this coming season. My only concern is in the next couple of years - whether we have enough sheer talent to move from what I believe is a playoff team to an outright contender. But as far as this offseason goes, I honestly don't recall an off-season where the team was improved by this much.


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Assuming better luck with injuries and Petey/Brock/Bo having similar or slightly better years...


Forwards: B we have a few guys who are bonafide top liners and good “bottom six” depth guys who can both play matchup but also pot a few goals.  Good C depth (and responsible wingers) who all play the right way should help out an average d group.


Defence: C+: I don’t think this group wins us any games but shouldn’t lose any either.  Emphasis on transition / puck movement could help lack true-blue elite forwards after EP.


Goaltending: B+:  this might actually be the strength of the team.  Markstrom/Demko under Clark’s tutelage could be the secret weapon to this team making the playoffs.  Big, athletic, scrappy goalies could offset a d that isn’t known for spectacular play in their own end. 




Could see huge improvements from young studs like Petey, Brock and Hughes. 


Relative team “weakness” is the d but well-coached, responsible forwards and quality goaltending should mitigate this. 


Good “middle six” forward depth. Many potential 10-20 goal scorers. 


Should be be an overall physical forward group with good speed.




Injuries have routinely decimated key players.


No #1 defensemen.


Not a lot of “elite” offensive players.




This is a nicely put together team that, on paper, could be more than the sum of its parts and be a handful when clicking.  Still, will likely go as far as the young core takes them. 


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On paper, I'd say the Canucks look vastly improved going into this upcoming season. However, I voted for split decision and only a minor bump in points (voted for 90 but was also tempted to select 85).


My concern is that there has been too much change in one off season. (If I include the trade deadline from last season and say Pearson is in the top 6) we are going to start 2019-20 with half of the top 6 and half of our defensemen replaced. It's a lot of change and I'm worried about that many new players needing to build chemistry. I would not be surprised to see the Canucks struggle out of the blocks as the players learn to mesh together, start to figure each other out around Christmas, and just barely miss the playoffs  


Hopefully everyone starts to gel quickly because if they do I think the Canucks have a great shot at making the playoffs. 

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Goalies: if Marky can continue his play (a big if) they we’ll be good. Clarke seems to have the key to unlock Marky. B


Defence: have added beef to the back line. A lot of discussion regarding the Myers contract, but right up to FA he was touted as the best FA defender. Benning got him as well as Benn so should be a huge upgrade together with Edler for another couple of years.

C+ (B-)


Forwards: I really like, what Benning has done to our forward lines. We can ice 4 very good lines and still have a few players available in case of injuries. 

We’ve got speed and toughness, to go with our skill. B+ (borderline A-)


Overall, the weaknesses, which was there for all to see, were addressed by Benning. He did, what he said, he would. 

So in that respect Benning gets an A for doing, what he said, he would do. 


Will it work out? Who knows, and after the season ends he may end up with an D or an F, if it doesn’t, but he addressed our weaknesses and baring another season of a ridiculous amount of injuries we will hoover around 95points(+), and I expect playoff hockey next season. 


One pleased fan. 

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The team should win more games this year, but even my most optimistic goal projections put us around 270 gf this coming season, with is a little bit better than middle of the pack. I could also see us scoring as little as 200 if lots of players regress or repeat previously poor seasons. I think health and players playing up to their potential will be the deciding factors. If all goes well I can see the team having a similar season to what Nashville had this past season, maybe with more goals against though. Should still be in the hunt for playoffs when all is said and done. 


What i I really like about this team is in 2021-2022 they will be cycling into their new core and inject more youth. Likely see podkolzin, woo, dipietro, and maybe Hoglander or madden make the team, while also shedding Sutter, Pearson, Baertschi, edler, and whoever we lose in expansion. If the Canucks can trade away eriksson and maybe beagle (though I like beagle on the team) by then, there will be lots of space for young players and JB will have lots of opportunity to add more high level players. I think we are set up well to have a good season this year and then continue to build for another two years until our core have all come into their prime ages and we still have good youth in support

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