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Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, dies by suicide


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29 minutes ago, Warhippy said:

Epstein had parties with known royalty, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.  Parties included underaged girls, drugs and top shelf liquor.


This guy "injured himself" in July and was on suicide watch.  This included a 24 hour a day camera and stationed guards beside his cell.  Suicide watch includes any and all linens pulled from the cell and replaced with paper gowns and sheets.  The removal of shoe laces belts and more.  


Aaron Hernandez a few years back managed to kill himself but was not on suicide watch and did it by hanging with his shirt.  Epstein had round the clock guards and CTV watching him.


Someone helped this guy have an accident period.  There is no way.  I don't do the conspiracy theories nonsense but this guy with his connections and the level of evidence he must have does not oops himself to death without serious help under these conditions.

Or someone had him wacked and called it a suicide

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1 hour ago, Baer. said:

15 hours prior to his "suicide", court documents were unsealed that showed Bill Clinton arranged his own "private parties" on this guys island. - Epstein was on suicide watch, yet still had the items and privacy required to commit "suicide".

connect this to Obama next and you'll really have something. 



just to be safe i'd better add "/s"

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I don't care if it was suicide or not to be truthful.  Wish they'd all be found in the same state.


The elite crowd who think it's ok to exploit minors and buy whatever they want will generate absolutely no sympathy or empathy from me.


One down is my thinking.


Funny but this really ties in to another thread that measures "success" by education, status, fortune, opportunity.  These guys who have it all don't always scream "success" to me in a having mastered life way.  

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3 minutes ago, Hutton Wink said:

So much for a "suicide watch"; apparently it was them watching the event.


It's been well-known for over 30 years, you simply do not in any way be in a possible position to testify against the Clintons, let alone all the other high-rollers and power brokers involved in this.  It was 100% inevitable from the moment he was arrested.


Btw, don't anybody think things are any different here.  The veneer of "society" is extremely thin; what we see out there every day is just a thin layer covering reality, perpetuated to keep us distracted and never aware of what's actually going on.

Except we're not as dumb as they are.  


It's all about getting the word out to the gullible.  

This world is all about the rich getting richer and trampling down the little guy is the fastest route there.

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1 minute ago, coastal.view said:

let's not be naive

with epstein out of the picture

the investigation stalls

and the rest are granted cover

and nothing further is done or examined

the light on this issue is now turned off

the vast number of others are left alone

and will not be forced to account for their behaviour


Do you REALLY think it would have had a different outcome?  I don't.

I don't know that people in these positions of power are ever going to be fully accountable or addressed for their behaviour.  Where there's a will (and a whole lot of $$ at stake in it), there's a way.


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About two weeks ago, officials moved Mr. Epstein to a suicide-watch unit after he was found unconscious in his cell with marks on his neck.

Mr. Epstein had recently been taken off suicide watch, a person familiar with the matter said.



He was on suicide watch for a couple weeks.  They weren't going to keep him on it indefinitely so they took him off, returned him to a regular cell and he off'd himself.

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Sacrificial scapegoat sounds more like it,

keep investigating and burn down every single one of those rich entitled pr!#%s and everyone involved with taking advantage of children.

They have the lists(all his rich buddies) for evidence, so use it against them.

So men in power can take and use kids now, if they don't follow up on this case.

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We the People need to make the Elite accountable. Drag the CEOs, royalty, media moguls, heads of the secret police, etc into the street and shoot them like the vermin they are. WE do the work of the world. WE should be the ones to reap the rewards. I've worked for far too many rich bosses in my life and without fail they were all lazy greedy f#ks.

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