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If Loui Eriksson stays what can make you come to terms with it?

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If Loui Eriksson stays what can make you come to terms with it?  

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26 minutes ago, Dixon Ward said:

If he backtracks on what he said, comes in and works his ass off and then accepts his fate.  Whether he earns a spot or is put on waivers.  



If he under-performs and is critical of the coach then that's clearly not a winning formula.  If he keeps his yap shut, puts his head down and works hard to earn a spot then I'm willing to let bygones be bygones as each new year is a new chance to win the cup.  And to win the cup, at the very least, we need all hands pulling on the same rope.  It doesn't matter what each person is getting paid they all still have to pull with all their might.  I'm willing to give Loui a restart but is he willing to do what it takes to climb the mountain again?  With our current forward depth it looks like pretty much every player is going to have to work to earn their spot and it's not going to be easy.  And I for one like that, does Loui?  Go Canucks Go!

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