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[Article] A change in skate profile could make Elias Pettersson even harder to handle next season

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Read this yesterday.  Played beer league for years but never really organized hockey.  Knew about different cuts for blade sharpness but was totally oblivious to blade profiles.  Unfortunately due to a second Labral tear of my right shoulder, my hockey “career” is done.

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30 minutes ago, Odd. said:

Lol this guy was playing hockey with skates that are made for goalies. That explains why he probably keeps falling :lol:

And yet he scored so many goals and was able to pull away for breakaways - and outskate other players. Amazing.

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10 minutes ago, nergish said:

I noticed his helmet looked more snug, less like a life-sized bobble head!

The kid is an absolute beauty though. He looks incredible out there.


I like when the amateur people who fuss over the minor details (like tape-jobs, equipment, edges, or whatever) meet with truly skilled athletes who don't know the small advantages those things can provide to their game.


I know in a 1040 interview, Kevin Woodley mentioned that Markstrom never really cared to demo different pads, he just used what he knew.

Last season you can literally point to the game he switched from Bauer to CCM as a turning point in his play. 


Sometimes it really is that simple.

Kevin Woodley is a phenomenal goalie coach/analyst!

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