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A Nuclear Accident at a Russian Missile Facility Killed 7 People


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Seven are dead in Russia after an explosion at a missile site in the Russian Arctic last Thursday that officials say involved a nuclear reactor.


The explosion happened offshore of the Nenoksa Missile Test Site, which sits on the White Sea, and local officials reported a spike in radiation after the event. Late Sunday night, Russian officials confirmed that the explosion involved a small nuclear reactor. On Monday, the New York Times reported that United States intelligence officialssuspect that the explosion was the result of a failed test of Russia’s SSC-X-9 Skyfall, a nuclear-powered cruise missile still in development.


The Kremlin told state media at the time of the incident that the explosion was the result of a failed liquid propulsion engine test, and emphasized that radiation levels were normal. Rosatom—a state-owned nuclear energy company which lost five scientists in the blast—published a statement days later sayingthe explosion “took place during tests on a liquid propulsion system involving isotopes at a military facility in the Arkhangelsk region.”


The only Russian weapon currently in testing that uses a liquid propulsion system involving nuclear power would be the 9M730 Burevestnik, also known as the SSC-X-9 Skyfall. Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed this weapon to the world in a notorious March 2018 presentation that showed a computer visualization of nukes hitting Florida near the Mar-a-Lago. Skyfall has been billed as a nuclear-powered cruise missile that, according to Putin, flies with “unlimited range and unpredictable trajectory.”


Skyfall is designed to circumvent Western defense systems, which can intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) before they hit their targets by calculating their trajectories.



It's possible that another weapon or test caused the explosion, though Skyfall is currently suspected as a likely culprit. 




More here Link

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40 minutes ago, NewbieCanuckFan said:

It was the Clintons!:P

Expect another distraction soon. They are trying to cover this up. This is no 'nuclear accident'


As soon as Uranium One hit the headlines, I knew that Killary was going to order an explosion somewhere in the Russian Arctic.

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I posted about this in the World Events thread. It looks as though the Russians originally tried to cover this up (or at least downplay it)




However, local authorities in Severodvinsk released a statement Thursday that said there was a radiation spike following the blast. That statement has since been deleted from the official website.
A spokesperson for the Severodvinsk administration told RBC, a Russian daily business newspaper, that the statement had been removed from the website "as the situation is being handled by the Ministry of Defense."
The local authorities said sensors in Severodvinsk "recorded a short-term increase in the radiation background" at 11:50 a.m. local time (4:50 a.m. ET) on Thursday.
The statement went on to say the radiation level decreased between 11:50 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. local time. It added that by 2 p.m. the radiation levels in Severodvinsk had returned to normal.
A number of pharmacies in the region, including chains Apteka29 and VITA, said they've experienced shortages of iodine tablets after local residents rushed to buy them following the blast.


There's definitely more information in @Canorth's link, so their efforts were unsuccessful.
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10 hours ago, luckylager said:

Somebody's gotta go all hippy on this crap - and it's me.


WHY THE &^@#?


Why are we (humans) investing resources and brain power into $&!#ty things like &^@#ing nuclear powered intercontinental ballistic missiles? 

Why do we gotta be such dicks to each other?


When I was about 21 I realized life is so much easier and enjoyable if you follow the golden rule - don't be a dick.


See, this is why I stopped going into "off topic". 


Harshing my mellow

This is the problem in the world we live in today, these "kids" never "grew up" and the same rules that applied in the "school yard" is what they live by today. "You are different because your hair is red so I don't like you". "My squirt gun is bigger then yours". etc.etc.etc.  Such simpletons.

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