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[Signing] Canucks sign Arturs Silovs

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Just now, Rindiculous said:

First signed pick from this draft is a sixth rounder...noice

We haven't signed Hoglander? Wow, I read so much hype that he could make the team out of camp and he's not even signed. Do players have to be signed to some kinds of contract (even a PTO/ATO) to come to September training camp or does that now apply to unsigned draft choices?

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I assume his contract slides because he's in the OHL? So, if that's the case, it should be fine. Kind of odd that he got the first contract over Hoglander but I'm fine with it. It just goes to show the Canucks really believe in this kid. Excited to see him take the next steps.

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16 minutes ago, VancouverHabitant said:

Wow, a bit of a shocker... Why did they sign him? He got drafted by an OHL team I believe 

He’ll play for the Barrie Colts this season.


Im sure they’re looking for better goaltending after a disappointing season.

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36 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

I believe their plan is to have Hoglander play next season in the SHL. They don’t need to rush him even if he looks close.

agree we have enough people challenging for top 6 right now, we must management assets and I think thats what this is

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