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Rumor John Shannon leaving sportsnet

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Just now, Alflives said:

Contract up, so bye bye.

Must be a whole bunch of newbies coming in, who work for cheap cheap.  

They all just read canned central planning teleprompters anyways, and blow smoke up everyone's arses, and them theirs.


These are all the round table opinion guys that are being turfed.


You know what I saw on their shows? Guys having daily competitions to see who can drink the most sponsored water on camera.


^^ and that's not even really a joke.

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If I had to guess, the marketing department went to the executives and said they couldn't do anything with 'the old boys club' so those guys are now collateral damage. 


I fully expect more women and visible minorities to be hired as 'on air' personalities.   I'm not saying that's good or bad - just what I expect to see.  

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