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Bold Predictions for the upcoming season (Discussion)

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2 minutes ago, janisahockeynut said:

Seriously though...……..


1. Boeser with 40 goals

2. Hughes with 50 points

3. Pettersson with 80 points

4. Juolevi will be on the team by January

5. Demko will have a better save% and GAA then Markstrom

Horvat with 30 goals while Virtanen reaches the 20 goal plateau....

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Vancouver 3rd in Pacific

Pettersson 75 points

Boser 33 Goals-- 67 points

Horvat 64 Points

Miller 55 points

Ferland 44 points -- 22 G

Pearson 23 G -- 42 Points

Hughes - 42 points - 3rd in rookie votes

Big Jake - 19 G

Myers, Benn along with Hughes really change look of back end..

Markstrom 52 games and Demko 30 games -- Both have good year..

Juolevi - up at Xmas and has fans excited-- Shows his skill...


Very very exciting year with this hard working aggressive skilled team..


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1. Pettersson makes the rest of the league go.. Uh Oh.

2. Roussel Sutter Virtanen will be a thing.

3. Brock signs for less than 7mil.

4. Hughes + Edler on PP1 points at some point.

5. Juolevi plays most of the season, 1st call up.


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Boldly optimistic versions of my current expectations:


- Vancouver has 102 points in the regular season

- Pettersson scores 90 points

- Hughes gets 45 points

- Tanev plays 70+ games

- Canucks get knocked out in round 2 of the playoffs

- Boeser scores 38 goals


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5 hours ago, PunjabiCanucks said:

This is for fun. I want you to make 5 bold predictions for the upcoming season. By bold I don't mean unrealistic (aka us winning the cup). Hopefully come next year we go through and see who was the boldest and wisest of em all.


For me:

1) We make the playoffs

2) Hughes gets 40+ points. 

3) Pettersson gets 75+ points

4) Sutter/ Ericksson are gone by the end of the season

5) Virtanen has a 20G  season

1. We make the playoffs.

2. Hughes gets 50+ points.

3. EP gets 85+ points.

4. Eriksson scores 20 goals :bigblush:

5. Goldy wins a top 6 spot and scores 20 goals.


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1. We have 7 20 goal scorers: Petey, Boeser, Horvat, Miller, Ferland, Baertschi, Virtanen

2. We have 3 30 goal scorers: Petey, Boeser, Horvat 

3. We have league average injuries and Baertschi has a healthy season (yes I know way too bold)

4. We win the division.

5. The Hughes in Blue wins the Calder.

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been hanging around these forums for years, since 2003, never really put an input on predictions but last  night I had a dream, I'm not sure which year it was, but we were in the Stanley cup finals, it was game one, we were the road  team because they were wearing the white jerseys.  Josh Leivo scored the 1st goal of the finals in a slap shot, laster Tuuka Rask dashed to the middle of the ice trying to cause chaos to get a reaction from one of our players to draw a penalty.  I've never had a dream this real.   and yes we were playing the Bruins in the finals.  

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1) Pettersson shows up to camp at 230 lbs....all muscle.


2) Tanev plays 83 games somehow. 


3) Boeser is voted to the All Star Game and wins Fastest Skater.


4) In a stunning turn of events, Ferland levels Eriksson with a massive hit in the first game of the season, and Eriksson is so demoralized that he retires from the NHL.


4) Not only do we sweep the Leafs in the Stanley Cup final, but game 4 is the only game where the largely unknown 'Mercy Rule' is brought into effect after the Canucks score 783 goals on the Leafs in the first period. 


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Benning is nominated for GM of the Year

Hughes is nominated for the Calder

Pettersson is nominated for the Lady Byng, Selke and Hart trophies

Canucks win the Pacific division (make the playoffs)

Tanev has a career year points-wise (and stays relatively healthy)





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