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Does Media take stupid Pills?

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it's not an article, and 'the canucks way' or whatever that website is called isn't canucks media (or media at all, for that matter). it's a blog post written by a blogger. 


if it isn't tsn/sportsnet/NHL.com/the athletic/a us network/the hockey news/postmedia, it's not an article written by a journalist, it's a meaningless opinion written by a nobody. 

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18 minutes ago, Chickenspear said:

Snazzy Nazzy 2.0? I'm game!

If he's like Jonathan Dahlen, then no thanks. Although it would be cool considering that we likely have some pics of him wearing Canuck gear as a kid. That didn't work out for Cole Cassels though.

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I looked up Nazzy 2.0 and think he would make an ok 6th or 7th round pick.  Nazzy was my favorite player during his time in Vancouver.  It would be cool to see his son here.  He is 6'1" and 185 lb.  Not bad size for a 17 year old. :)

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The media just does what they are told by the owners this is why an idiot like Trump can get away with the stuff he does and the really tragic stuff goes on not written about at all,or is buried so hardly anyone sees it.


It's turned to stories and not news,

Environmental stuff,


Assaults and Robberies,Court Cases

AND an animal story.


This is our formula for what they now call news.Watch for it at a corporate owned (Bell, Rogers, etc.) media channel near you.

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Lol not sure what's going on here but Markus Naslund is one of the greatest athletes in the history of sports. 


On a side note, OP if you're bother by something as small as Alex's nationality being mixed up, then perhaps something else is truly bothering you. 


This has happened to me a lot... And as I've matured I've realized it's not nice to spread hate over something this minor and just focus on fixing the problem that is actually bothering my mind. 


Cheers and hope you enjoy the rest of your day :) 



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Was there ever any integrity? Back in the day when there was just a daily paper, can't help wondering about the degree of corruption/manipulation & general bullsh*t spewed by the MSM.


Orwell wrote the classic "1984" in 1948(he reversed the digits), after having worked for the BBC for part of the WW2 yrs. Dude wasn't joking.

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4 hours ago, Provost said:

This is just some dumb blogging site that posts random stories... it isn’t “the media”.


Kind of ironic that you don’t know that and suggest “other” people are taking stupid pills....

I've had a crappy day at work today, so I just want to point out that the only thing ironic going on here is your misuse of irony. 

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