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[Article] Sutter is not a shutdown centre

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Ossi Vaananen

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11 minutes ago, AK_19 said:

Sutter's last two seasons were night and day. I think we can just chop it up to injuries. As far as having too many shutdown lines, who cares? It'll free up Horvat and Pete's line for more offense. 

The article definitely caught my eye and I read through most of it, but I think you nailed it on the head here @AK_19. Last season was not the usual Sutter we saw in the prior two years. 

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Last season is one I don’t remember seeing much of Sutter at all , never mind be effective at anything. That being said , I don’t think he ever drives the play, when he’s at his best he causes neutral zone turnovers , rushes up the ice and shoots. He  almost never controls the puck for any significant amount of time in the attacking zone. He’s reactive, a good stick checker , speedy but not creative. Kinda reminiscent  of a young Mason Raymond.

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Ehh, a bit of an opportunistic article. Where was the commentary when Sutter was healthier/playing better ? Keeping in mind that he has had a pretty challenging role being caught between an outgoing H. Sedin and an incoming Horvat. I also question some of the conclusions based on current WAR models.

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I think these stats are cherry picked to fit a narrative as @Pears said above.  In my opinion the author has shown that Sutter faced to top opposition line most often and of the centres with 60% D-zone starts, he did the worst of the 33 centres shown.  If there are 4 centres per team, that makes 124 centres in the league, or approximately 1 per team used in a shut down role.  So Sutter has the worst scoring chances against rates.  What about the other metrics stated?  Shot attempts against, shots on goal against, and goals against......worse still?.....no idea.


Not to mention the statistician's favorite, sample size.....how many games for Sutter last year?  26.  Or how about how many healthy games played?  less than 10 to be sure.


So to what is probably the most useful part of the article, how will Sutter be deployed this year?  Shut down?  I think he will remain the top PK centre on the Canucks if his heath holds out but at 5 on 5, the Canucks are built differently this year.  There is clearly going to be more talent out there this year than last so I would expect that only 1 of Sutter and Beagle be deployed in a shutdown role.  If they pair Sutter with a play maker like Baertschi and Virtanen or Leivo it's going to be a more offensive line.  Sutter may not be the best play maker around but he is capable of 20 goals.  


As an aside, Miller was acquired at considerable cost to be deployed in a top 6 role.  To use some grit and size as a compliment to some of the Canucks smaller skilled forwards.  We won't be seeing him on the 3rd line.


Sutter is an important player for the Canucks this year because Benning thinks that Gaudette has a chance to become a top 6 skill player.  He just needs the opportunity to develop his offensive side which was the plan last year.  He had to play with the big club due to injuries and lack of depth.  This years version has the depth so that players can stay in Utica and develop.


Anyhow, thanks the OP for reminding me why I don't read PITB :lol:

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1 minute ago, Jimmy McGill said:

pilates can clear that right up. 

You got a colorful graph to back that up?  


5 minutes ago, BlastPast said:

And debate hurts others.

As evidence from the "But he was injured" responses.

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