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[PTO] Troy Brouwer with Panthers

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16 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

I wonder if he would have been given a PTO if Tallon and Quenville weren’t there. 

He's a solid bottom 6 guy still at the right price. He led Florida in hits last year and I don't see anyone really replacing his physicality just yet. They probably just wanted a PTO to see if anyone else can step up to the plate as they're close to the cap, so they need to decide if it's worth paying him and finding the cap space for him.

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1 hour ago, Jimmy McGill said:

I wonder if they're just doing him a favour and showcasing him for another team to pick up and provide some competition at camp. The Canucks have done similar PTOs. 

I think it's partly this. He was perfectly fine in a 4th line role for them last year, but was way overpaid. They probably are still in contract negotiations and this allows him to come to camp and if another team is willing to pay him what he wants, then he'll take it, but if no teams come calling, Florida likely gets him on a cheaper deal.

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2 minutes ago, rekker said:

Ya. You could make an arguement for that. Lets go LE as the lead donkey of the UFA's of 2016, Lucic as the shovel man behind the donkey. 

Worse player, worse contract, potentially eats up an ED spot. Lucic is the lead donkey.


Nobody would be sad to see Eriksson simply retire though.

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I remember being upset we didn't land him that year in free agency... Lol 


I think we got Loui instead? 


The top 10 free agents that year all got their bank accounts padded and all started being lazy, drinking, doing drugs, etc and no one really lived up to their hype 

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