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[Signing] Canucks re-sign Goldobin, 1 year/900k


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Another show me contract. Really hoping he can put it all together this year and worked on his defensive game this summer. He has flashes where his skills shine and he looks like a future 1st liner but then follows it up with poor defensive play or appears disinterested. Make or break for him this year as it's going to a lot harder to crack the lineup. 

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A deal like this is good for both the Canucks and for Goldy; Goldy gets another kick at it on a team where if he WANTS to perform, he'll get time as well as arbitration for next season. It's obviously good for the Canucks as he's done so relatively inexpensively.


He could have make another 100-200k probably, but now he's signed, he'll be at camp, and hopefully no bad blood, and he'll be ready to play. I really really think he's got it in there, so now if he gets a chance to prove it, the Canucks will do very well - as will Goldy.


Brock to go. I wonder if he'd take a similar deal (as in term, not money)? "stay healthy, get paid" - helps the Canucks by getting a another year of the Luongo retirement cap hit deal gone and the possibility of Eriksson being jettisoned, along with a bigger long-term payday at the end of it.

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9 minutes ago, ninja321 said:

Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited to see Goldobin back and I hope he takes the next step. However, I'm not sure where he really fits in this lineup anymore with all the new additions to the team.

I wouldn't mind Goldy getting some additional playing time on the first line (if he has put in the work this summer):


Goldy EP40 Boeser 

Pearson Bo Miller

Ferland Sutter Virtanen

Leivo Beagle Eriksson



Roussel IR

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