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Climate change advocate wins award


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3 hours ago, 189lb enforcers? said:

Nobody wants a dirty climate or any other consequence of our evolution and industry, but until you bravely move away from your beloved, mega-polluter city to take up farming, stfu and don’t be a damn hypocrite like every other David Suzuki prick out there lecturing the rest of us about emissions - while boarding a jet. 



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3 hours ago, 189lb enforcers? said:

Don’t mean to be a dick, KOS, we’re cool, but I know you heat your home with natural gas, and well, you know you are an end user of the resource as well as the rest of us consumers of this badness. 


Nobody wants a dirty climate or any other consequence of our evolution and industry, but until you bravely move away from your beloved, mega-polluter city to take up farming, stfu and don’t be a damn hypocrite like every other David Suzuki prick out there lecturing the rest of us about emissions - while boarding a jet. 


I don't like fracking or other nasty biz either, but guess what keeps your Canucks’s ice surface cold and their building warm? It’s all connected to the same industry. 


You are a consumer, not anything but. Never forget that. Humanity is a spec of filth on an ever-changing ball of magma and stardust. 


The day you start wearing a buckskin and sending me environmentally-safe smoke signals from some off-the-grid, zero emissions piece of land, I’ll listen to you as long as you never use a road, read a book, own a watch, go to school, watch a game... nothing. Lol Humans pollute, no way around it. 


What I get a kick out of is humans being duped into thinking they are somehow ‘a thing’ to this planet’s survival.


We are but a blip on the geolocation time scale. The planet survived colliding with other planets and all manner of things, let alone ice ages. This global warming and environmental thing is cute in its packaging, but like I said, the second we learn of an Astroid heading our way, or even if a major volcanic event happens anywhere on the planet, do you think Al Gore and all the environmentalists will be even around to monitor emissions, etc? Its like people think we are the earth’s custodians during an endless run of stable climate, without even the slightest fear of the natural process built into this ball.


Earthquakes and volcanism related to the changing deflections of past-glacial lands, complicating our guesses of plate tectonics are one thing, but we’re also expecting a bombardment of impacts from all sorts of extinction/younger Dryas-makers. You can almost bet that either the earth or the heavens will beat us to our own demise. 


Ha, it’s laughable to think how quickly our collective destruction and conservation efforts will be the very, very last priority for any living human staring down a bright light hurling our way in the sky or a volcano or a series of mega-earthquakes - each capable of releasing more bad into the environment than humans ever could, and overdue as far as the earth’s patterns are concerned. Take a think on that sometime. 


We have managed to exist in the one of the most stable times the planet has known, especially the mammals. At any moment we could be extinct, if not just be in for a real, actual climate change lol. I do like the idea of placing Richmond, Surrey, etc. Under a mile of ice though, but I digress, lol. 


The earth once boiled gold and diamonds to its surface and stratified minerals by precipitation. It’s even been covered in miles of ice several times. This is what earth does. Filling the Gulf of Mexico with oil is insanely bad... baddd, yes, but to the earth, this is nothing. Life has endured much... much worse. 


My rant is meant to say, humans are a blight on the planet, agreed, but hardly an obstacle for it. Earth’s 4.5 Billion year history laughs at our industries and clean-up efforts, compared to what its endured and, worse, its inevitable date with the pending supernova.


When all the tree huggers, an affectionate moniker, live like we did tens of thousands of years ago, then I’ll at least show enough tolerance to let them finish their virtuous point, but I guarantee you that before humans like them give up their human nature, the earth will strike first, if not an extraterrestrial visitor is well-overdue for another rock fight. Either will take us to the brink before a plastic bottle island in the ocean does. 


Don't pollute, but don’t think the earth is going to die from it either. It will boil all Victoria’s sewers off and turn that into something a new life form will consume in another billion years! I don’t think We understand just how inconsequential we are to this planet or the universe. 


Meanwhile, sure don’t dump your engine oil into a river. Don’t do a lot of stuff. The earth will one day recycle all of us and every damn trace of us. Everything we made came from this earth and it will all go back to it, eventually, IMO. 


Maybe thats not the best bedtime story, but it’s how I see things going for us pathetic humans. Humans Being.  

You raise a lot of accurate points re the earth able to emit more pollutants then us as a species and that we may be hit by an asteroid tomorrow which melts the ice caps in seconds and causes mass flooding leading to Noah's Ark Epidsode II. However, that all doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to be responsible with our choices. Does that mean that we should all be driving a Prius? No, but gas engines are very fuel efficient now. A mazda 3 can get like 700km per tank of gas. Electric vehicles are the future but unfortunately the technology and infrastructure isn't there to support a long distance trip... yet. And like you say, we rely on our buildings to be heated or cooled some how (or ice chilled).


But I agree, people tend to be self righteous in the climate debate as they board an airplane texting on their new iPhone 8.. that they bought not because they needed it but wanted an upgrade. That being said, we as a species need to start taking the climate seriously because right now this plant is all we have and that starts with the USA and China. The debate seems to be endless on whether or not we are contributing but in my view it doesn't matter. We can control what we can control and we may as well modulate our contribution to global warming. Why wait for 'proof' (more than already exists) when waiting may be our demise.

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