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A heavier, in shape Pettersson Hope's to develope chemistry with Michael Ferlund the destroyer

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10 minutes ago, Shirotashi said:

Honestly I dont think his fighting skills are the thing fans should zero in on. Hes not "that" guy. What 

I want from Ferland is feisty play and hard on bodies in our own zone. IF he gets 20 goals great but 

IF he were to bring that fire every night, and help change the compete level in the room im fine with that too.

We needed a skilled physical winger . Because we have not had much pushback in the past, I see his fighting ability as something to mention ;Especially seeing as he is also a legit top six player to boot . 6 fights is a decent number for someone who is "not that guy".  There is absolutely no reason he can't be a similar player to what lucic was in his prime . fighting and intimidation was a legit part of what made lucic so vauble.

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12 minutes ago, HerrDrFunk said:

All of Pettersson’s summer can be summed up by “work ethic”. The guy’s going to make me reach for him come this year’s fantasy draft, isn’t he?

I was planning on taking him in the third round last year but someone decided to take him with their first pick :picard:

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