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CDC Mix Exchange - Autumn 2019

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8 hours ago, luckylager said:

Love it. Always have.

And not just the old reggae I was raised on, I love a lot of new reggae too. I already submitted my playlist and it's all new $&!#, no oldies.


But I also love lots of other genres. I'm pretty open to sound overall. Playing the bass for decades has given me an appreciation for variety, and reggae. So much bass in reggae... did I mention I love it? I also love hiphop, metal, punk, classic rock, hippy $&!#, blues, jazz.. all kinds of $&!#. Depends on how I'm feeling. And I've been feeling very reggae lately




And here I thought I was the only bassist in our lil' tribe

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2 hours ago, bishopshodan said:

So, I submit a playlist and AV mixes it?


Is that what I put myself into after a lot of vodka and many J's last night?

Close! You submit your playlist in the mix order of your choosing, then BAM! AV sends out the mixes, and we all give reviews of the mixes we receive.


Vodka & Jay's? We should hang out

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1 hour ago, riffraff said:

I listened to reggae today.


































no I didnt

I didn't either. Too wet n cold


Listened to a hilarious novelty act from the past though, "Beatallica". Bastardized Beatles lyrics and Metallica covers sung by a dude who sounds a lot like Hetfield. Funny stuff

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