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Thoughts on trading Brock

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I like Brock a lot, he has upside of being a 40 goal scorer. Although it concerns me when a player will choose to  jeopardize development and success of a tram for dollar figures. I totally get it and respect the rights of each individual and their goals as to what they want.  Financial security is important and Brock has all rights to do what’s best for him. In my opinion the RFA class of this year are all jeopardizing their development for financial gain and I am not sure that is a character I would necessarily want on a team. Let’s face it Brock has alit to prove still. He has shown to have injuries and has yet to complete a full  season. He looks like a 30 goal scorer 50-60 points. I would feel a stretch to pay him 7 to 8 mill over 8 years. I feel we could trade him and get a 1st round back and also a legit top 6 forward in return. Any thoughts?

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