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[Signing] (Bos) McAvoy 3yr 4.9m per


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Charlie McAvoy has agreed to terms with BOS. Three-year deal, $4.9M AAV. Very similar to Zach Werenski’s three-year, $5M AAV deal with CBJ. McAvoy could make up the $300K difference because his Year 3 salary, and Qualifying Offer base, is $7.3M, $300K more than Werenski’s.

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55 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

Wow. Never thought he would sign for so little.


Christ, maybe it is realistic that Brock only gets 5.5 on a shorter term deal. 

5.5m short term is paying up for Brock imo, not by much but it is by a bit. He doesn't have much leverage imo. With our additions this summer we could start the year without him and would still be a better team. All the rfa's have proven more than Brock, Laine is his closest 1 dimensional compareable and he has a 40 plus goal season and 2 - 30 or more G seasons under his belt. Brock hasn't achieved any of that, sure you can pro-rate his stats over a full 82 game season, but that shouldn't be how you give any player a contract. He needs to prove he can be healthy all season and then produce at a higher level.



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30 minutes ago, DontFockWithBrock said:

18million over 3 years. Come on Boes, that's plenty. We miss you. 

Too much imo, and to be honest we dont miss him, its training camp. we would miss him a few weeks into the year if we were struggling to score goals, which I think we have added some depth in that department anyway.


I am not a very big fan of GM JB, but if he is playing hardball to some degree with Brock and not caving in then I give him mad props for doing that. You got to prove your worth to net a nice bige fat payday short or long term

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Nice to see another sane deal get done. Looks like no defenseman have received a “new UFA” RFA deal as of yet which bodes well for us an Hughes as they will still be on these deals when he goes to sign.  Of the bunch McAvoy was considered the best - this is a little bit of a team friendly deal for sure but not by much.   Aside from Marners, AM, Nylander and AHO maybe this trend isn’t going to get by after all (Eichels too)...for our sake I certainly hope so.  McAvoy was recently ranked near the top ten best defenseman in the NHL right now - he’s going to get paid next time, this works for Boston’s window and for their long term.  Only thing he hasn’t proved yet is his ability to stay healthy which is likely part of the reason for this, the other Boston’s immediate cap structure and for McAvoy he’s betting on himself which usually works out for stars and bridge deals (Subban - Price etc.). 


Rantanen and Point next big fish.

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1 hour ago, Canuckster86 said:

Boeser sign a similar type deal!? That is probably what he should get for a bridge imo. Good signing for Boston, McAvoy like Werenski can cash in on next deal if they perform well

No Brock is getting more than $5M guaranteed

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