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On 1/15/2020 at 4:40 PM, debluvscanucks said:

I was expecting a bit more wild man out of him...sort of a Kass thing only milder.  Maybe it's the beard, I don't know.  Just thought he'd play with a bit more edge.

I think a lot of fans thought the same thing.

He's never been a huge physical presence. 

He's simply what JB said he signed him for. N experiences, versatile veteran on the blue line.

Whether or not he stabilizes our dcore is yet to materialize though.

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A friend of mine who is a HUGE Montreal fan (just puked a little) was harping on me when the Canuck's signed Benn.  He said he is overrated and glad they didn't re-sign him.  I don't mind Benn's game for $2M over 2 years.  Pretty safe and the depth is always needed it seems. He can play both sides.  I did expect a bit more bite.

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I wonder...


Could Benn’s nasty be of the same use to Hughes as Myers’ nasty?


Hughes can’t move without nasty protecting him. I mean obviously he can.


But when there’s nasty on the ice when Hughes is on, seems teams think twice before taking liberties.


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7 minutes ago, N4ZZY said:

Was he any good tonight?


Yeah he was pretty stable and dependable alongside Oscar Fantenberg.  Probably the best d pairing tonight.


He looks far more poised and comfortable on his off side.

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