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[GDT/PGT] Canucks Vs Oilers | 7pm

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13 minutes ago, BlueDragon23 said:

I feel you as a fellow Vic resident. The expense of a Canucks game is just too much for us Island folk. The ferry costs are ridiculous and only going up, and you have to factor in travel, food and hotel expenses. Not to mention time is of the essence and you are entirely dependent on the ferry schedule. 



Honestly its too much for the average Vancouver folk as well.

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2 hours ago, Canucklehead53 said:

I would argue that Island fans have more opportunity than us Rural BC fans (no option for preseason either). It is much easier (and cheaper) to walk onto the ferry then bus to the game then drive for hours to Vancouver, find a place to stay, etc.


Although I always look forward to my 1 (or 2 if I am lucky) games a year that I see in person.


I hope people who live in Vancouver appreciate the opportunity they have when it comes to live NHL hockey - even us in rural BC have to appreciate our team being closer than some fans in other provinces, countries etc.

I appreciate it. I spent ten years in Kelowna and was always bummed that going to a game was an eeaaassy thousand bucks all in.


We live about a ten minute walk from rogers now and go to a handful of games every year. 


What I love most though is how often I run into the guys just walking around downtown and get to have casual conversations. And Petey living in my building last season is hard to complain about. It was fun chatting with him a few times...even though I never got the invite just to hang out...was kinda hoping for that ;-)

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