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[Signing] Kings sign Ben Hutton

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2 minutes ago, Crabcakes said:

He was way over paid.  That's why Jim didn't qualify him.  They'd end up in arbitration and based on the minutes he played last year, would have gotten way too much for a 3rd pair guy.

I think that's the 'generous' interpretation (very generous - where Benning doesn't kick Hutton when he's down).  Benning knew there was no market for Hutton (they seemed to try to deal him more than once / not just last deadline and prior to FA) - knew that Hutton had no leverage and was not going to cash in in free agency, in spite of what TSN et al were pumping.


I don't think the Canucks would have been interested in Hutton accepting a qualifying offer let alone rejecting one  -  (and if Hutton would not have accepted a qualifying offer, he and his agent should (have) give(n) their heads a serious shake.).    Any arbitrator that would give him more should never work again. 


Which is not to say I don't like Hutton, but I've watched as the base here made whipping boys out of Sbisa, Gudbranson, Pouliot, even Edler....while Hutton was for whatever reason fluffed as a 'legit top 4' and a pet project of smarmies of folks that otherwise hated on the remainder of the Canucks tweener D.   Personally, they were all Canucks to me - I want to see each of them succeed and will defend any of them when they're unfairly scapegoated - have no intention of being unfairly critical of Hutton - but the dynamic was bizarre to say the least.


Maybe smiling Ben will be a hit in L.A. - he's got the charisma and smile lol.   I see some folks think he'll never be more than a 3rd pairing - I'm not so sure - he has a pretty good toolbox, size, skating, hands, capable coverage, and when his head is in the game, he has pretty good vision.   It'd be nice to see him use L.A. as a stepping stone and move on next summer.






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