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2019-20 rule changes

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Not all that bad, I like how you can continue a puck battle/play if the lid pops off. Reviews on Major and D-Minor penalties are a step forward, no more terrible game deciding calls. Only thing that bugs me (and I've already seen examples in pre season) is if the defensive team tries a breakout pass and it gets deflected out of play by the offensive team, the faceoff stays in the defensive zone. That should definitely be a neutral zone faceoff in my eyes. That rule should be for shot attempts only.

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Those video review changes I fully approve.  I must say they really thought of a good idea for preventing those hand pass goals etc.  Also, causing a penalty instead of loss of timeout for all I completely agree with.


Also, John Garrett got his wish with the goalie freezing the puck lol.  The one rule change I’m not a fan of is the attacking zone face off after the attacking team puts the puck out of play.


 However, I would have liked if NHL allowed review on minor high sticking penalties and goalie interference penalties (or at least allow a coaches challenge.

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I think I like the rule changes.  I like the fact that when you shoot but went out of play, it should stay in the zone because the defense hasn't earned the way out of the pressure.  I like the idea of no line change.  It encourages the flow of the play especially when goaltender just grab the puck from the center red line and held on and other things like dislodge the net defensively.  The only rule I would like to see it change is the minor penalty regarding delay of the game when the puck shoots out of the rink and it's wrong call and it's very clear black and white calls and shouldn't be missed, whether it deflect opponent's stick that went out of the play or did not deflect and straight out.    If a coach felt that the ref missed the call, he can then challenge whether to call that penalty or not since it's a stoppage of play anyways.   

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Interesting about choosing the face-off position.  I presume with the last reason listed (first face-off of a power play) refers to first face-off after a penalty call that moves it into the penalized team's end of the ice.  A penalty by a team already on the power play, where the teams are now 4x4, should still bring in the same result and the team who was not penalized gets to choose the face-off spot despite not "being on the power-play", as the rule presentation suggests.


I guess Vegas fans are going to be in favor of at least one of these changes :) 

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