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[Proposal] i know its early but id do a package trade

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its going to take some tough decisions...my heart is with alll the canuck players but if you want a team of hockey players you need to cut some guys that just not a good fit ..hockey players as in guys that are into playing hockey the way you need to and sacrifice thats needed...not hust a hockey player that wants to play in the nhl...erickson time is done too..not sure what they will do there..

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3 hours ago, coastal.view said:


here's a bunch of our lesser players

for a good one from you and a premium pick



thanks, that was good



To be fair he never said anything about a premium pick or a good player. (didn't notice OP had been edited)


As far as the current proposal, it seems like we are trading three fringe players, that all have decent potential, for one proven average player and a pick? No thanks! Also.. wrong section?

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This discussion dominated my work place today also. How to move assets that are extraneous before losing a player via waivers.

We already let Granlund walk as a free agent, there goes that second round pick. How can JB manage his glut of wingers correctly and still come out on top, that is the question. i would, however, prefer to hang on to Jake and Mikey D. 

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