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Why the Jake Hate????

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21 minutes ago, Snapshot85 said:

So today I was listening to a popular canucks radio show. The 2 hosts suggested that jake virtanen is one of the 5 canucks being shopped right now. Their view is that if we get offered a second round pick to jump on it. 


Seriously that was their view.


Now this leads me to believe that us as a whole is sour on the kid. 


I like Jake I'll admit, but I'm not in the jake virtanen or bust camp.


But a second round pick is ridiculous... he is at least worth a first. In fact hes worth more than a first round pick. 

I will back this up with facts.


Forwards are drafted to put the puck in the net. 

Out of Jake's draft class 25 forwards were drafted in the first round. I'll use his draft class alone because they are apples to apples in age and development.


Of those 25 forwards drafted in the first round.... only 9 ... count it 9 scored more nhl goals than Jake in 18-19. 15 players found the back of the net less often.  This means hes well above 50% so better than a random first round pick. Also the goals scored and nhl success rate of the second rounders is weak at best.

Adding to Jake's value is.... a few truths... hes improved every year, hes top 3 fastest skaters in the nhl ( subjective I know) and he hits like a moose when he wants to. Hes on a cheap contract !

And to add to his value...he can help a team now... today!!

When he realizes that this is a job.. and hes not just a kid playing a game anymore... he will take it all a bit more serious  and it will all click.  


So to suggest hes worth a second round pick is ludacris. 


I know we all had super high expectations of him when he was picked..... maybe he hasnt lived up to our lofty expectations.... 


But a second round pick. 

Coming from hockey guys like that. 


Shows me ... we should all lighten up on jake a bit.


Let's see what he does in 19/20 before giving him away. 


Thanks all


Just because he was drafted in the first round doesn't mean that the best comparables are the other forwards picked in that first round. I would also do a comparison to the first and second round forwards from Jake's year and the year before and after. I'd say they would be close enough in age to still be comparable and it would increase the sample size to mitigate if Jake's draft just sucked.

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3 minutes ago, Dixon Ward said:

I think it stems from the fact that every Canadian boy dreams of having what he has.  Speed, Skill, Size and was drafted 6th overall.  All of us have been willing to give him some leeway because of his youth.  This is now his 6th training camp and he can't even be bothered to show up in shape.  His effort is inconsistent at best and his offseason training has been inconsistent as well.  I think deep down we are all rooting for him but also don't like the fact that he has everything he needs except the effort.  I, and I believe others, find this hard to accept because if we could be in his spot and all we needed to do was give 100% effort all the time we would.  His honeymoon is over.  He needs to work harder and contribute all the time.

Exactly this. He has to stop being a kid. Time to grow up.

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Just now, kingofsurrey said:

Laine seems like he could be bad for room....  I am a no on this kind of me first player....

Me too.  And Laine likely wants 10 million per.  Jake is actually a far better contributor when cap dollars are taken into account.  Jets have to take Loui too.  :lol:

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Just now, Alflives said:

10 million for Laine?  No thanks.  I’d much rather have Jake, who is clearly already a solid third line guy, and keep our room and cap structure in good shape.  

I doubt he’s anywhere near 10 million. 

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