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Hello everyone,
I run a charity box hockey pool.  You pick 25 players of which only 23 count toward your final total.  We donate 30% of the proceeds to charities.  This year we are sponsoring ALS and Multiple Sclerosis foundation.  If you enjoy following hockey and want to test your skills against other participants while donating some money to a good cause then I encourage you to join us for some fun.  Last we donated $ 486.00 to ALS foundation of Canada.
The pool is on Officepools , I have attached the link  which also shows the scoring system.
 Payment:  30% to charity and 70% is divided as follows:
1st place 50, 2nd place 30%, 3rd place 15%, 4th place 5% and last place gets their money back.  I am working on seeing if we can also get additional prizes ie . gift cerficates
cost to join is $20.00 and you can e-transfer your money to navsahota7@gmail.com.
Any questions or inquiries you can forward them to above email address.
Deadline is October 4th
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