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What is the best city to play in in the NHL?

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ok so you get to nhl but your happy to play for any team..if you had a choice to play would it be somewhere cold but original 6 or warm but your not in the spotlight like tampa or arizona ..or do you want to live in a city and play like los angeles and have lots of things to do..or is vancouver the best city to live work and play cause of our love of hockey and west coast living where there is fresh food and good drinking water..

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Toronto/Chicago/NYC for city reasons


Cali teams/arz/fld/tampa for weather. Maybe Ana for young family guy


Dallas/Nashville/Carolina for hotter climate, good hockey fans and less media pressure.


Montreal for food and culture


Vegas if you are brand new into the league and don't want a career in the nhl lol


Calgary if you like cold, sunny days and country music


Vancouver if you want to live in Canada and have a mild climate. If you into winter sports and into winter sports its the spot for you.


Colorado/Denver I heard is really great as well. 


Columbus if you are a boring old vet and just want to be paid.


I don't know why anyone would choose Edm/Wpg/Minny/Detriot/Buffalo/PHL/Ottawa to live in besides money. 

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For playing hockey: Edmonton.


Now before you flame on me, hear me out.  Vancouver is a better place to live for a multitude of reasons but there are too many non-hockey distractions.  Edmonton is cold enough, and for long enough, that it is ideal for playing hockey.  And there is not much else going on so you can focus on playing.  Oh, and it's flat.  It's easier playing hockey when it's flat.  And it's Canada.  It doesn't make sense to me playing hockey in the southern US.


Go Canucks Go!

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Every canuck that plays in vancouver knows it is the best franchise city to play in..the travel can get  to you but it is worth it...other towns are like la phoenix florida dallas just is not hockey crazy like us....id say montreal toronto vancouver but van is just the best..only need to get rid of the morons in town the crime and all the rift raft...its time that they clean up vancouver city and turn things around....government needs to stop the bs and get the industries back on its feet like forestry..they are the ones who go to bars and hockey games and spins off to success for british columbia...

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Preferred destinations would be:

Vancouver, San Jose, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas


My NTC cities would be:

Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto

Seems like I kinda mirror what quite a few NHL'ers have in the NTC cities...seriously, I could NOT live in Winnipeg in the winter...

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