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Down by the River

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On 12/1/2019 at 12:53 PM, JamesB said:

Great work digging up all the information on these former Canuck prospects. The information is very interesting and it is kind of poignant or at least weird to think about about "where they are now" compared with all the hype or angst they generated as Canuck prospects.


Here are some of the things I remember.


1. All the angst over losing Corrado on waivers. Toronto claimed him (maybe just to p*** off the Canucks) and then never played him so he just clogged up a spot on their 23-man roster. I was fairly critical of Benning in those days but I never understood all the angst over the Corrado situation. He was at best a marginal NHL prospect. 


2. Jordan Schroeder was a star at the world juniors and Gillis took him in the first round. He was one of the oldest guys in the draft as his birthday (Sept. 29) was just two weeks too late for him to be in the previous year. Gillis argued that it was good to get a guy further along the development curve, That made no sense. In fact, the opposite is true. You want guys who have accomplished a lot while relatively young. 


3. Gaunce was another Gillis first round pick who generated quite a lot of hype. But he wasn't quite good enough to make Canada's WJC team and he wasn't quite good enough to be an NHL regular. He was still one of the most "successful" Gillis picks as he at least got past the 100 NHL game hurdle. But with only 16 pts in his 118 NHL games, his NHL record is barely even marginal. I like him and hope he does well, however, 


4. Cassels led Oshawa to the Memorial Cup in 2015 where he famously went up against McDavid in the OHL finals, playing "shutdown" against him and scoring a lot of points himself. He had a fantastic post-season run with 31 pts in 21 games and winning the Memorial Cup.  He looked like a great pick as a third rounder chosen by Gillis. But, like most Gillis picks, he was disappointing as a pro and, during his three-year entry level contract was not even a solid AHL player. But credit to him for sticking with it and maybe he can make an appearance with Ottawa in the show. I hope he does. 


5. Olsen and Tate: Both late round draft pick D-men who generated a lot of points as 20-year-olds in junior and, in Olsen's case, as an over-ager. This is a good reminder that scoring a lot of points as a 20-year-old or overager in the CHL is far from being a sure ticket to success. (Remember Dane Fox.)


And all these names are a reminder of how tough it is to become an NHL regular, let alone a star. For every guy who makes it there are a lot of seemingly talented players who work hard and never get there or never get more than a cup of coffee in the NHL This makes me appreciate guys like EP and Hughes even more. And guys like Stecher and Tanev who come out of nowhere are also particularly impressive. And Alex Burrows is biggest example in Canuck history of a guy succeeding against all the odds.  

Those are prime examples as to why Benning replaced Eric Crawford with Judd Brackett as Head of Amateur Scouting.

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OP updated with stats through Sunday night.


I get that EP isn't a prospect, but fun to keep track of his stats nonetheless. He had a huge game against the Canes. Looked really determined. Probably also wanting to have success with Boeser on his line given how Brock's season/personal life has gone. You can really see him elevate his game in important situations. Perhaps one of the criticisms against previous stars on this team was the inability to elevate in the toughest of times. I think Petey will find a way.


Hughes has picked up the pace despite his "small body" and "soft college schedule".


Speaking of college, the Beanpot is going down and Madden and Rathbone represent Northeastern and Harvard, respectively. Quite a long tradition of Canucks' elite prospects in this tournament (Gaudette, Demko... then a couple prospects that didn't pan out like Patrick McNally). 


If the Canucks weren't so competitive this far into the season I think a lot more attention would be on Madden. He's just been insanely steady this year. Put up another two points in one game over the weekend. Rathbone is at a p/pg as a freshman for Harvard.


Tough few weeks in Utica. More Ls than Ws and the Vets seem to be carrying the water for the team right now. 


Not a lot to get excited about in the CHL. I think its time to give up on drafting overager CHLers. Pick up undrafted NCAA free agents and use late-round picks for undersized CHLers/guys that maybe missed a lot of time with injuries/guys that had weird growth spurts and just learning to skate, etc. 

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OP updated through Feb 29th.


Sorry for dropping the ball this month.


Pettersson going through a bit of a rough patch. Now at < 1 p/pg for the first time in what feels like October. He hasn't been playing well; at least by the standard he deserves to be held to. Fanning on pucks, some bad passes, and some lost puck battles. Definitely need him to step up in Markstrom's absence.


The only thing that might keep QH from the Calder is is lack of goal scoring. Not sure if he has had one in the month of February.


Goodbye to Madden. Toffoli has obviously worked out. I hated the trade before I knew that Boeser was injured. I think this was necessary to try and get this team into the playoffs. I think they'll make it, but unless Boeser and Marky are back for Rd 1, it might be some valuable experience for the young guys, but not a deep run.


In Utica, it seems like the vets are taking over. Not a lot of point production outside of guys like Goldobin, Boucher, etc. 


In terms of draft eligible players, I don't think anyone has really improved their stock since I added them to the draft list; maybe Dawson Mercer. If the Canucks don't make the playoffs, I think at least one of these guys would be available in the 12-15 range. Whether the Canucks would want them is another thing. 

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I know draft prospects are a crap shoot. Some research and browsing on said subject definitely attests to such.  That being said, and I'm sure this has been touched upon somewhere else in CDC. Apologies to the Mods and such for not doing a search.


I'm acutely aware of the Canucks dismal draft history. Some hits, but mostly misses. And never a 1st overall. (Mind you, we're not the only team to have that distinction!) The present Benning era has definitely brought some positives for sure.  That being said;


Are you confident in our as yet, unproven upcoming prospects? Is there perhaps one, two or more that'll not only make the bigs, but make an impact and surprise?


I'm still holding out for OJ, I'm excited about Pod, and though Hoglander looks good and has provided some exciting highlight reels, I'm not totally sold yet. Excluding those that have played limited games with the big team, most of our prospects, save for perhaps DiPietro, maybe Lind, Lockwood, and Woo, seem to be just middling type players. Forwards being serviceable fourth line or third at best, and the D third or second pairings at best. Depth players really. I dunno.......Could eat my words.......


I'm definitely hopeful on all the above and those prospects talked about in CDC. Seeing how some of them looked in IIHF Junior, CHL and NCAA College play gave some glimpse as to what we have in the pipeline; notably the above plus, Focht, Utunen, McDonough, Rathbone, Malone, maybe Costmar, to name a few. To me, the most hopeful prospects were either traded, (Madden),  left the continent, (Tree), or died......RIP......


Others talked about, Brisebois, Palmu, Gadjovich.........And I haven't even mentioned Undrafted Free Agents or other team cast off Free Agents, Chatfield, Rafferty, Teves. I'm sure I missed a few.......


Some are depth guys, some career AHL'ers, some total crap, as yet to see. Sooo............What's CDC's thoughts and opinions?!?!?!?!???

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On 9/22/2019 at 3:06 PM, Down by the River said:




So this is somewhat interesting.... we tracked five draft eligible players this year. They were selected because I anticipated that they would end up getting drafted towards the middle of the first round... which is where I was expecting the Canucks to draft.


Bob McKenzie just came out with his Final Rankings:


13. Dawson Mercer

14. Kaiden Guhle

15. Hendrix Lapierre

16. Dylan Holloway

17. Braden Schneider



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so Boston Bruins have loaned out Jakub Zboril a 2015 first rounder, ( think he's headed towards bustville) anyways, he has a professional contract with the Bruins and expected to continue in the AHL, however as we all know the AHL season is in as limbo as the NHL season, Boston loans him to the Czech leauge to get playing time, anyone think this is a great idea to do the same for our young guys?  Heck even if Kole Lind for example playing a German leauge or not even a tier 1 leauge but to get some ice time over seas, I think it can really help, for example send him and Lockwood over seas maybe?  

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