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Craig MacTavish fired after 8 KHL games

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36 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

But he did so well in Edmonton. Why didn't that talent translate? I am stunned.

He wasn’t so bad as the coach of our AHL affiliate many years ago.  Course, so was Willie and we all know how that turned out for us once he got promoted to the big show.



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1 hour ago, coastal.view said:

wow that was a long run

they sure don't mess around over there

8 games

does he get exiled to a kulag in siberia now ?

Heck, Bill Laforge lasted 20 games in the NHL so how bad to you have to be to get gassed after 8 in the K ?

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The real reason things didn’t work out, is that Kevin Lowe wasn’t brought in to be the GM. Those 2 together know everything about how to put a championship team together. I always enjoyed there press conferences after they made a trade when they were with the Oilers. It always remained me of a scene from a fantastic movie......



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The Oilers have the touch of death. 


Im starting to suspect McDavid is actually so talented he would be putting up 300 goal seasons on any other team, but the points he currently puts out are all he can muster after Edmonton sunk it’s cold, withered claws into him.

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