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League oversight. Every year I get close to watching less.

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2 hours ago, Disgruntler said:

I'd say I'm not a homer. But everyone is to *some* degree, let's get that out of the way. But if every season I have to watch piecemeal teams try to make it happen while teammates (don't care what team) are on the mend for grievous injuries that could have been avoided through proper management, well.... there's always tennis. And conversing with friends. Either the NHL fixes this $&!#, and this year, or I just can't be much effed anymore. Greatest sport ever. But it's getting to 'why bother' point for me. 

with a name like "disgruntler", I'd take you to be more optimistic!

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Incidentally, take a look when we get 4, 5 or 6 injuries adding up. Look where? The AHL, that's where.


Goons in the minors get the green light to do their dirty work. Everyone knows the league cares SFA about this org, & those goons get a blank cheque. Idiots like Bobby Farmhand-types will run our youth, unlike anything they've seen.


I've noticed a pattern the past couple seasons. After the Canucks hits a string of injuries, all kinds of cheap shots at our key replacements in Utica. Then with no decent extras, fall into the tank, & play remaining guys 'til they run on fumes. Then media start suggesting "bad luck", or maybe our training staff is inadequate, etc...


We brought in some size, so maybe they're starting early this season(?!) It's more than "bad luck" when a franchise(pros & farm) consistently gets hit with 10-15 wounded, early on.

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War room  to DoPs (Parros) - “we got another one tonight for you to look at..”


”which team?”  - “Vancouver, Brock Boeser”.. “oh I know what pile that goes on, will file it with Bear and D Sedin”.   “Tell Green code Hockey Play”. 


At least that’s how one could justify how these things could go.  A pattern is a pattern.

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24 minutes ago, HerrDrFunk said:

Just curious, as I see people claiming they're going to stop watching the NHL over of the officiating all the time, does anyone know of somebody who's actually quite watching hockey because of the refs? 

Don't know about stopping because of the refs, but I can say I've watched one 3 on 3 overtime and no shootouts since the league went to that format.



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I am a huge fan of the Canucks and every time something happens to the players due to dirty hits, no penalty on the play, suspension, or even a fine didn't come when it's warranted, made me feel less motivation to watch a hockey game and simply find other things to do, resulting in a loss of revenue from me in term of tv ratings.   I am just one of many thousands who watch hockey every night and they might think that it's nothing but what will happen if the fans around lower mainland fed up and simply stopping watching?  It is at fault of the NHL for not doing enough to deter this dirty hits out of the game and rewarded them with no action.   I have stopped watched them before a few times years ago and it will not be the first time I would stop watching if they keep this up with lack of action by the league.    Maybe a regular season with penalty review might change things but if ref would do the opposite when a penalty warrants a major penalty but ref choose to reward them a minor penalty after a video review will do me in for a long time.  Hit from behind is one of my biggest pet peeve about the players who commit those things.   I'm not talking about a turn that led to this which is inevitable but a stationary and players still hit him anyways is one of my biggest pet peeve similar to Boeser hit from the other night in the preseason..

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