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[Proposal] Virtanen for Puljiujarvi. Would you do it?

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Virtanen for Puljiujarvi.   Would you do it?


Why Edmonton does this:


1) JV has actually had better stats than JP up to date.

2) The Oilers get something for nothing.

3) The Oilers get a young and possibly promising asset.


Why the Canucks do this:


1) JP has a much higher ceiling than JV.

2) IF (and this is a big IF obviously) JP lives up to his potential and explodes, the Canucks would set themselves up to be a contender for a long time.   

3) Many former Oilers went on to see their games take off upon leaving Edmonton.  Could JP be one of these guys?   



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No, I don't want to see Jake with McDavid. And he's too much to give up considering how the Poolparty scenario has unfolded for Edmonton. He's made it clear he doesn't want to be there so they're unlikely to get the value they'd like. I also don't want the headache in Poolparty, it's not as if he'll be interested in playing in Utica if he can't crack our squad. And considering how our forward group is already crowded there's a good chance he wouldn't make the bigs. He's looking to be a top six or bust player. 


Poolparty's got potential but Jake (for all the frustrations he causes some folks) has shown he's an NHL player. He may never be what we were hoping for when he was drafted but he could still settle in as a great third liner with size, speed, and defensive awareness who can contribute some secondary scoring. 

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Don't think I would do this.  Pool Party is hanging out in Finland demanding a trade while Jake is a 15 goal scorer and is at least playing in the NHL.  I don't see Pool Party as a top 6 player at this point and he can't play on the 3rd line.  At least Virtanen can play a 3rd line role and can move up to 2nd line if injuries hit.  I wouldn't give up on Virtanen just yet.

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Didn't Jake have 3 or 4 empty net goals. Rarely noticed Jake last night....Jake gets the puck just above the circles and shoots a lame wrister right at the goalie instead of crashing the net with all that speed and power he possesses...what a waste



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JV is an inconsistent player who will still likely put up 15 goals and 30 points.  JP has produced nothing in the NHL yet is in Finland demanding a trade.  No way I make that trade.  It is far more likely that JV remains a solid yet unspectacular 3rd liner in the NHL than it is that JP emerges as an NHL player of any sort.

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I would say yes, though I don't know Edmonton would be so eager to do it.


Ferland               Petey               Boeser

Miller                   Horvat             Puljujarvi

Pearson              Gaudette         Sutter

Rousell                Beagle             Leivo


That looks to be a pretty potent forward group to me.




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Not at all. Certainly Virtanen has underwhelmed the preseason, but he's still an NHL player who shows up to camp, not making demands for his playing time.


This idea of taking on a spoiled primadonna in Puljujarvi is a horrible one that could blow up in Vancouver's face. Jake is a good player who is seemingly dedicated to the Canucks. Did he show up to camp in less than stellar shape? It sounds like it. However he showed up, and has played.


The sane move is to keep the player interested in playing for the team versus coddling an overblown prospect who's proven very little in the NHL, but thinks he should be given it all on a silver platter.

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