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Man in wheelchair has phone stolen from him.


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This fruit is unfortunately too high for the lowbrow community to even lift a finger for.


As a person born and raised in Surrey and later Delta, f—- that trash heap.

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I hope someone can decipher those 4 pixels from the potato cam and catch what I assume was a human?  I read the cops/security guys paid off the balance and bought the victim a new phone, that's was nice of them of them to do so 



“His mobile phone meant a great deal to him as the large screen of the iPhone 6S helped make texting and reading easier for him,” Hampton said. “Given the circumstances, the officers investigating this file helped to pay off the outstanding debt on the phone, in order for the victim to acquire a new phone.”


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2 minutes ago, Baer. said:

So the bus driver just did nothing?

I think the driver is likely told not to get involved.  He or she is responsible to keep control of the bus.  Maybe the bus was really busy and the driver didn't notice quickly?  Sounds like this loser thief exited the bus really quickly too.  

Should we have the death penalty?  In the animal kingdom don't really bad seeds get culled by their group for the betterment of all?  Do we really want this woman to reproduce, and raise a child or children?  

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Sad story unfortunately, but it doesn't surprise me.  Nothing, and I mean nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to addicts and what they'll do for their next fix.  Yes, I'm assuming it was an addict - but I have to assume this otherwise I have to come to grips with how low portions of our society have fallen. 

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28 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Really nice gesture from the cops to help him get a new one. Some people just have zero shame.  Inexcusable.

Simi or was it Steel? anyway, one of radio ladies was running the story. She had 4 listeners that day alone call in to say they would buy him a new phone.


So, Vancouver still has some good souls. 


Actually we seem to be trying to corral the awful ones in this place called Oppenheimer park. The city has strategically removed the ones in need and got them some low income housing. The remaining ones are going to be dealt with in the next few months under Vancouver's first VPD sanctioned Purge festival...I'm hoping they combine it with Halloween night to add scary costumes to the fabulous slaying. 

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Desparation has no boundries,social services from the church and state (federal & provincial governments) have let alot of people down, and it has shown in homelessness and overdoses.

Start taxing the wealthy to help these poor people and don't always turn to the middle class and the common man to help because we are definately feeling the pinch as well.

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