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The gaudette effect.

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At what point did anyone say that the best players make this roster? And at what point do you determine the best move for the franchise? Well the best move for this franchise is to send gaudette down simply because you can. That free’s up time to determine if others are actually NHL ready. You can have longer looks at the likes of goldy and schaller and even Virtanen. Motte should be included. It’s not about gaudettes good preseason. It’s about not waiving a guy. Gaudette had a good preseason but it wasn’t outstanding. Sure he set up a few nice goals and scored but overall was he outstanding? I see a guy who could benefit from playing in the minors. We all know he will be here eventually. But why rush it? Why waive a guy if we can hold on to them a bit longer and see what happens in regular season play?  Keep in mind the media has pumped this up to the extreme because they need stories. The best move for this franchise is to send him down and continue to monitor the ones we can’t send down freely before we make an ultimate decision. Winning franchises will execute this option because it best suits the franchises needs. Gaudette will be the first call up when an injury happens. He will be on our team eventually. No need to throw away a player who could face claimed for the sake of being honourable. 

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