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Which F or D pairing will have the most impact this year?

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Which F or D pairing will have the most impact this year?   

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Just now, Jimmy McGill said:

Petey is great, hard not to be excited about whoever he's with but I think the biggest impact will be Bo and Miller. This team has needed a real 2nd line for a long time now and to me this is a huge piece of the puzzle. 


What says you? 

Petey and Ferland for me though Bo/JT is a very close second

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It is hard not to vote Petey in some capacity as he is far and away our most skilled player. Of course he and whoever he is put with will make a huge impact on the scoreboard.


But I voted Tanev and Hughes.  Why?  I feel that they compliment each other so well. Tanev can be relied on to cover for Hughes as he pinches in.  While his shot has never been very good, Tanev still moves the puck decently so I feel they can really play off each other well.


I also voted this option because we have already seen what Petey can do with his linemates.  We have not, however, had much scoring potential from the blueline in years and I think now that we do, it will make a big difference compared to the past.

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Petey Brock.


But I also LOVE Tanev with Hughes.  They offset each other nicely and I think Tanev will provide a level of confidence for Hughes to be a bit more offensively minded knowing he's got a guy perfectly capable of taking care of business.  


I am also really happy we have Edler, too.  He's huge to this team, even if we sometimes don't recognize it because he isn't "glaring".  Until he smashes someone into the boards, which he did a bit of last game.   He's deceptive...a sleepy, quiet, rather reserved guy who can lower the boom when he wants to.

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