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NHL.com Canucks season preview - Sep 27/2019

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NHL.com season preview?  

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33 minutes ago, mikeyman109 said:

I would take that match up in the playoffs. We play them tough

Me too.  Plus it’s about time we re-ignited arguably the best rivalry we’ve had historically.   Otto said it best when talking about the battle of Alberta and mentioning that after their stars left Vancouver was right there to pick up the slack - and that the Linden team developed a lot of hate over the years ... 


We had a decent one with COL during the WCE years... and of course CHI wasn’t too shabby either...but those games back in the early nineties were fight filled and nasty.  Will never forget Linden turtling and Otto taking free shots at his kidneys, and later Sandman doing the same while the rest of the team was tied up with whomever they were paired with.   Those teams played with a lot of hate towards each other battling for dominance in the Smythe division. 


Torts re-ignited it a bit - but it flamed out (pun intended ha ha) as our team was on its last breath.   It takes two very good teams to develop that sort of thing - of course the Detroit-COL being one of the best ever.   Hope we do meet up with them and win or lose in a testy seven game series.  Then it will be on again, if we can match them then we will be well on our way as they undeniably have one of the best teams in the conference - if they solve their goaltending issues maybe the league. 

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